Artist Statement

My work deals with self-constructed beliefs or perceptions within human relationships. I examine the emotions underlying a belief and develop a story that merges the emotions and the belief. The theme is brought into the light and either built up and strengthened or pulled apart or deconstructed. The paintings in the series I am producing now are visually surreal and emotionally expressionistic. Currently in my artwork I am exploring perceptions within a marriage or marriage-like relationship.

HerRealism: (hûr rē' ə liz' əm) n. 1. A style of art principally developed in the late 20th and early 21st centuries stressing the subconscious non-rational or spiritual realms as imagery source and almost exclusively rendered by a woman or girl. 2. A female artist's or writer's work that emphasizes reality (the actual or real as distinguished from the abstract) from her perspective which may or may not correspond to ordinary visual experience.